The big question to ask yourself is...
What will you get done in 2020?
There is nothing more important to your work, your career and indeed your life than the projects you implement. When you look back on your career (and your life), it will be the significant projects that you will remember. Done provides the path to get these projects complete. If you are someone who is constantly feeling the pressure of finishing a project, this book is a must-read for you.

Peter Cook, CEO Thought Leaders
Oh, what a remarkable book—fresh, relevant, practical and compelling. If traditional productivity methods don’t work for you, read this book. I’m so glad I did.

Dr Jason Fox, Bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest
Geoff has a masterpiece in this book. Packed with valuable tangible content together with true-life stories, it's the perfect mix for another outstanding book from Geoff.

Sam Cawthorn, CEO and Founder Speakers Institute
Two great books to help you get more done
Done offers seven rules to help you stay on track and complete the most important projects in your life. It is filled with entertaining stories drawn from world experts in neuroscience, agile software, visual thinking, psychology, environmental design and more. Each chapter includes a series of questions for you to consider so you can coach yourself to success.
180 pages, Paperback - AUD$30 includes P&P
Weekly Done is a year-long personal program to help you get more done each week. It contains 52 fast, easy and proven strategies that you can read in five minutes or less and implement and reflect upon over your week. The strategies are drawn from Done and other world experts on productivity and high-performance.
58 coloured pages, Hardback, AUD $40 includes P&P
Or buy both for $60
Learn from the best business brains on the planet and dig deep into the exact resources I used to research and write my book Done with 14 beautifully designed and illustrated book summaries from some of the best books on productivity ever written. Read each one in about 30 minutes. Read all of them to dramatically expand what you get done. AUD $67

How do you plan just the right amount for your project? This is the Goldilocks planning problem – you want to plan enough to ensure you take focused action but not too much that you waste valuable time and energy. The Project Done One-Hour Plan solves this dilemma by taking you through nine steps of a proven process.

Best of all, you’ll not only define what you want to achieve but also how you can motivate yourself to stay on track for longer - making it more likely that you’ll succeed.

Start your project the fast way and stay motivated until you’re done.

The Project Done One-Hour Plan includes one hour of video instruction and a manual that asks you the precise questions you need to answer to take the leap into inspired action. AUD $27

The Great Done Bundle is a spectacular information pack for the clever people who know that creating breakthrough results is crucial to their career and business success - and they want the latest thinking from world class experts.

The bundle includes all the items on this page for one small price:
• Done - the paperback book. Value $30
• Weekly Done - the hardback book. Value $40
• Book Rapper Get More Done Bundle - 16 high quality visual book summaries of the key resources of the Done books. Value $67
• Project Done One Hour Plan - a one-hour self-paced video course with full manual to help you start your next project - fast! Value $27
• Bonus: Done - the audio book. Value $30

That's a total value of $194 and this bundle is available for only AUD$97 including including P&P. That's a complete library for getting more done and a saving of almost $100.

Done Book
Weekly Done Book
Both Books
The Great Done Bundle
I want to get more done.
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